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Your Awkward Questions On Wedding Thank You Cards Answered

Wedding’s all planned, the registry is complete, and you’ve started to think about the Big Day.

Exciting as it is, one part of you just can’t wait for it all to be over, though. Phew.

We know the feeling.

Weddings are stressful, and as the date looms closer, the couple is usually just waiting for the cozying up after.

But hang in there just a minute longer, will ya?

There’s one more thing on the checklist before you can close the door on all the wedding madness.

It’s that little nagging voice in your head, perhaps a teacher’s or mummy dear’s saying, ‘Psst, aren’t you forgetting to say Thank You?’

While weddings are tradition-heavy, things are evolving. We’re going digital with our invites; the wedding video and website are the new ‘photo album’ equivalent, and we’re pretty sure there’s wedding film ‘trailers’ floating around too…

But one tradition stands: The Wedding Thank You Cards.

And it’s a tradition that couples have questions about. So, here’s our quick round-up on the ‘most-asked’ wedding thank you cards questions:

Do I really have to send Wedding Thank You Cards?

Well, we’re going to say yes.

This was one of the most significant events of your life. You handpicked all the people there, and they’re likely a tight inner circle of family, friends, and loved ones.

It’s safe to assume that this tribe of your peeps spent time picking a gift for you, some even flew halfway across the world to be there, and for that one day, they made you a priority.

Doesn’t that deserve a thank you? We think so.

Who should get them?

This one is pretty contested, but like most things ‘wedding’, perhaps erring on the side of grace is the way to go here.

We vote for anyone who attended or sent a gift. Whether they were there on the day or not, they should receive personalized wedding thank you cards messages for thinking of you and sending you that wedding gift.

When is it just too late?

The wedding is a now but a fond memory, the honeymoon tan is fading, and you are deeply ensconced in wedded bliss.

One sunny Saturday months after the wedding, you’re over at your Aunt’s for brunch. She casually asks if you like the Le Creuset platter because she hasn’t received any notes yet.

Just like that, the bubble bursts, and you realize you still have a job to do!

While etiquette dictates that you need to send thank you notes within three months after the wedding, most people accept that within a year is still appropriate.

You have, after all, got a life to start with somebody, so the tardiness is slightly excused…

Do they need to be personalized?

Not always the most straightforward task, but wedding thanks are most definitely more appreciated when a special memory or more heartfelt thanks for the specific gift are included.

Some people will use a more general message and add a shorter note, while others will use pictures to make them seem that little bit more special.

The degree of personalization is up to you, but let’s just say the personalized ones stay on the mantle for longer!

Do they need to be handwritten?

Oh, yes. We’re suckers for the warmth and love of a handwritten card, so whip out that calligraphy pen and your inkpot.

If that’s a bit much for you, however, then the Urban Quill app is a happy middle: It all happens on your phone, but you still get to doodle little hearts on your Thank You cards. And it saves you a trip to the post office.

You can thank us later. In a card, perhaps?


Remember that writing out and sending thank-you cards doesn’t have to be as cumbersome as you’d imagine.

Grab your partner, slap on your favourite album, and get writing! Take a moment to relive your special day.

Got any other questions on Wedding Thank You cards? Ask us, and we’ll dig out answers for you!


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