How To Create the Perfect Gift Box and Why Gift Boxes Are A Total Winner


A good gift has some serious happiness potential for giver and receiver alike.

The anticipation, the unwrapping or unboxing in this case, and the look of delight (hopefully) are priceless.

And that feeling you get inside when you know you nailed it? That’s your heart swelling up with joy.

While good surprises do stir up warm fuzzy feelings, it helps to make sure the surprise is thoughtful, personal, and something the receiver actually enjoys.

As Sarah Dessen says in her book, “Lock and Key” – “The best gifts come from the heart, not the store,” and if you know UQ at all, you know we’re ALL heart.

Now here’s our argument for gift boxes: If one little present turns the love up so much, don’t many little presents just multiply the love?

Okay, so it may sound like a lot of work (and dollar bills) to put together a great gift box. But it really doesn’t have to be that way.

A gift box is actually pretty easy to put together.

For instance, surprising a stationery-lover with just a pen could be a little underwhelming, but surprising them with a box of cute stationery would be a total treat!

With the gift-giving season just around the corner, we thought we’d put together a quick few pointers on what makes for the PERFECT gift box:

  • Theme work is dream work

Pick a theme (or two!) based on something the recipient loves. Perhaps a hobby, favourite colour, a big dream, a place, or even some memories you share.

And then start to think of cool stuff around the theme. You can choose to have a ‘main gift’ and many little ones, or just many little ones. But a theme is a great way to show you put some thought into it.

You can get really creative here. Think inside the box. Oh yes, we did.

  • Plan like a boss

No, seriously.

List out what you want to add to the box and where you’re going to buy these things. Have alternatives in place in case you can’t procure something on your list.

You want to excite the person you’re gifting with every item they pull out of this delightful box. Trust us, planning in advance is a big part of making that happen.

It’s very easy to go from a great gift box to a lazy box of stuff thrown together last minute. Ask a procrastinator. Just saying.

  • Variety is the spice of your gift box

Mix it up! Add a mix of objects to keep the assortment interesting. You could include edible treats, a coffee mug, good ol’ candles, socks, essential oils, and other spoils – go nuts!

If you’re taking our advice and doing the theme, stick to the theme and you’re golden. And if you’re being a free-spirited hippie about it, then that’s cool too.

Keeping it classy with a classic Urban Quill Gift Box
  • Size matters

Ahem. We’re talking about big presents and little presents.

Make it visually exciting. Playing around with the shapes and sizes of the items in your gift box. You want to make sure that somehow your whole symphony of presents fits well together.

Oh, also, make sure it all fits into your box. You don’t want any unwelcome bulges. Teehee. Sorry, we’ll snap out of it.

Small gifts fit within the confines of a box, but draw the receiver’s eyes to one or two larger ones – the main gifts, or your -“statement items”, if you will.

  • Finishing Touches

Adding a handwritten card really brings it all together beautifully. Decorative accents like dried or fresh flowers add charm.

Oh, and word of advice: Consider ditching packaging for individual gifts and simply arrange them artistically in the gift box. Flimsy or clear plastic packaging can take away from the charm of your box.


So, are you convinced enough to switch to a gift-boxing Christmas this year? Yes, it takes a little more work, but you are sure as fudge going to win the most-thoughtful-presents award for it.

If you’re too busy to make it happen but still want to win the brownie points, then know that the UQ elves are hard at work putting together some awesome gift boxes with all kinds of good stuff. Over here!


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