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Forget Resolutions: Promise Yourself a Revolution in 2020

You know that tomorrow, January 17 is officially ditch the resolution day, another.

You might already have ditched yours. It starts slowly. You skip one, two, three workouts, and next thing you know, it’s July and the gym is a distant, fading memory from the start of the year.

Well, we’ve got some bittersweet news for you. You’re not the only one abandoning your new year resolutions. Our butt-kicking research team dug up a fact that will stop you in your resolution-writing tracks this year:

It turns out that less than 10% of New Year’s Resolutions are actually achieved.

Ok, so we chose that stat for dramatic effect. Full disclosure – our research team did find that depending on where you look, this number varies between 10 and 20%. Either way though, way to set yourself up for like an 80% chance of disappointment, right?  

Well, worry not for you are not a weak-willed loser, and neither are the scores of souls who abandon their resolutions before February is up.

Why we can’t stick to New Year Resolutions

There’s actual behavioral science behind why we can’t stick to our great list of promises to self year on year, and it’s got to do with the fact that, us humans, are creatures of habit. It’s hard to break and change some of the hard-wired ways that we do things.

Another reason for some epic new year resolution fails is that your resolutions are often rather idealistic, and they don’t exactly come from within. Like ‘I want to quit smoking’ or ‘No more processed foods for me’ or ‘I’m going to get in the best shape ever’.

Good stuff, sure, but are you super fired-up about these things or are they the ‘right’ changes to make? Also, have you got an action plan in place to follow through on the resolution?

Most folks don’t, and it’s no wonder you run out of motivation-fuel and are chugging your way back to your old habits within a mere few weeks after the new year has been rung in.

So this year, we’ve got a different approach for you to try. This year, how about you set your heart on a New Year Revolution instead of a shallow list of resolutions?

Your New Year Revolution is one big change that you want to bring about. Something you discover you want to desperately make happen, something that you want with a burning desire, something beyond just the ‘right’ thing to put down on the list.

Now, remember, your Revolution should do for you what a revolution does for every soldier: it should set your soul ablaze.

Alright, that was a little over the top. But this is just so exciting!  

Setting Your New Year Revolution

So here are a few steps to arrive at your Revolution and set it in motion.

If you really want to get into this, it’ll take about 15-20 minutes to come to it. If you’re obsessive, and easily carried away, then it could take up to 3 hours even for you to find your big cause.

Step 1: If you have a Bucket List, then pull it out and use it for inspiration. And if you don’t, then make a list of five things that you’ve been wanting to do or achieve forever. Don’t worry about being specific here, these are just five big, vague, blurry dreams you want to bring to life.

Step 2: Against each big goal, write down your ‘WHYs’. Why is this goal so important to you?

Step 3: Eliminate two to three goals where your reasons are shallow or superficial. For instance, you want to learn Calisthenics because ‘it looks so cool’ is not a good reason. But you want to learn a new language so you can finally put ‘multi-lingual’ on your CV, and open up new job prospects – yup, thumbs-up to that one.

You need to find true motivators. Things that wouldn’t be challenged by a cupcake, you know?

Step 4:  Against the remaining goals, write down the possible benefits and outcomes against each one. Weigh the benefits of each of your goals. Which one is more significant and impacts your heart, mind, and happiness the most?

Step 5: One more round of elimination: boil down to one, massive, meaningful dream and fall in love with it. You’ve got 365 days to make it happen.

Step 6: Create a vision board, an action plan, time charts, budgets, whatever form of slightly manic over-planning you need to fire yourself up and get working on bringing that dream to life.

Dissect your goal into little actionable day-by-day and week-by-week steps that you can realistically follow through with.

If you’ve followed these steps through, then you’ve got your 2019 Revolution in place. We can only hope you’re as sweaty-palmed and fired-up with excitement as we are about what is going to be an awesome year ahead!

One last thing: If you’re set on your Revolution, then write yourself a letter about it. Make this one, big, focused promise to yourself, and use it as a realignment tool every time you feel like you’re forgetting why you started in the first place. Add a treat box for yourself with the letter. If you accomplish your revolution, you gift yourself a New Year Resolution Gift.

P.S. Feel free to send your letter through to us, and we’ll write you back with ours! If you do decide to share your Revolution note with us, worry not, your dreams are in safe hands, and we’ll treat it with complete confidentiality.

 (I recommend if anyone does write to us, that we come up with a nice Urban Quill’s 2019 Revolution note – just a personal touch that allows for people to form a one-on-one connection with the brand, its story, and its promise.)

New Year Resolution Gifts

Now that you have set your New Year Revolution, it is time to reel in an accountability partner. Someone who needs a change as much as you do.

Get her to join you in the most generous way- gift her a New Year Resolution Gift Box to disclose your intentions. We know by experience that New Year Resolution Gifts are still a novelty.

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