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About Urban Quill


To bring back the real joy of gifting physical gifts that are personal to the recipient, practical in nature and yet affordable- with real handwritten cards, powered by technology. Simple! 

Hi! My name is Dolly. Originally from India but lived in Dubai all my life. I love food and travel. I am 1 of 4 siblings, and when we get together, it’s like madness unleashed you’ve never witnessed before! At least that’s what my boys and husband say. I believe anything is possible, and nothing is constant. 

I founded Urban Quill to explore my love for everything old-fashioned (I still listen to an antique radio!). It began (like all stories) , with an episode of Shark Tank (an awesome show if you haven’t watched) in 2018. It was an episode about someone who developed a greeting card App. We (my friend & I) were stoked with the idea and took it up as a ‘lets-see-where-it-leads-us’ kinda project. And so the journey began of us venturing into the unknown world of “technology”.

Unfortunately my dear friend had to bid the project adieu due to personal reasons, which left me in a limbo.

The project was fun and exciting with her. Without her, not so much .

Nonetheless, i managed to carry on and launched my Card App in November 2018. I experimented with it for a year, trying to get a grip on technology – which BTW is my absolute downfall!

Long story short, I wanted to make the process of gifting ‘real’ gifts and hand-written cards fun, personal and completely hassle free. And that’s how The Urban Quill, a Dubai Gift Shop was launched in November 2019.

So although it seems like a business, it’s just my love for all things old-school on a digital platform:)


The gifts at Urban Quill are thoughtfully selected. We like to keep a selection of items that people would like to receive as gifts. Yes, flowers and a big red bear are great gifts. But they are just that- gifts.

At Urban Quill, we offer our tribe the option to create more than just a gift. Something that’s practical. That’s what Urban Quill is about- your go-to option for practical gifts.

At our online gift shop, we have chocolates, candles, skincare goodies, herbal tea, hot chocolate, charming accessories, and gifts with traditional and regional flavor. Choose your gift items and we will deliver them for your around the world.

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