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12 Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Moms, these days have become much cooler than before, haven’t they? Or maybe we feel so because they probably have everything that we wish to gift them.

When is Mother’s Day celebrated in UAE?

Mother’s Day is celebrated in Dubai and the rest of UAE on 23rd March every year.

This means mother’s day is just around the corner – and, we have declared ‘March is for Mothers’ this entire month. Let’s find you the perfect gift for your mother.

No need to hop on to Google just yet, we have created this ultimate mother’s day gift ideas list.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

There are lots of mother’s day gifts ideas that you can come up with to gift her but if you are confused about what to exclude or include, I have a few exciting ideas just for you: 

Book Her A Vacation

I’ll admit it’s a little over the top. But, why not? That is if you can.

Your mother is so tired of her ongoing daily hectic routine and I’m sure she would love to have a mini-vacation over the weekend. Maybe plan a vacation weekend with her two best friends and allow her to explore her horizons. We all deserve a treat every now and then, don’t we?

Hand Stamped Spoon

Looking for something a little less large scale. Then go cute on her.

Get a customized spoon from any nearby shop – choose a message carefully. You want her to feel special, every time she eats her cereal or makes her coffee. It will be a daily reminder of your love for her. 

A Customized Planner

If she is a working woman and would like to keep a check on her daily schedule, help her out by gifting her a customized planner to keep her work life organized. Trust me, she will surely thank you for this thoughtful present. 

We do have some planners at our shop. Throw in a cute little pen with a chocolate bar, and it’s one thoughtful gift.

Cook Her An Intimate Dinner 

A dinner date always sounds elegant and formal. Instead of booking a restaurant and taking her out for dinner, cook her a meal yourself. Make her favorite dishes with a complimentary dessert and set a nice table for just the two of you at home. 

Handmade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

A handmade gift to brighten up your mother’s smile is a brilliant idea. To help you out, I have two DIY mother’s day gift ideas that she is bound to cherish:

Homemade Sugar Lemon Scrub

This easy to make refreshing gift idea will leave your mother’s skin glowing and is far more economical than any available scrubs at a fancy store. Find an elegant jar and get together Coconut Oil, Lemon, Olive Oil, and Sugar (granulated). Mix them well and a divine smelling homemade scrub is ready!

DIY Hand-Sewn Tea Bags

This tiny gift will turn out to be a precious one if your mother enjoys creative and artistic work. It’s super easy!

All you need to do is take an empty tea bag, add a custom blend to it, enclose it and finally stitch it away with your artistic touch. Plus, you can add a custom hang tag if you like with maybe a sweet message for her.

You can also choose from our range of Par Avion Tea to put in the box. Add in a foot mask, and something precious to complete your customized Mother’s day gift.

Gift An Experience

A gift doesn’t necessarily have to do with materialistic items. Mother’s day is all about showing affection to your mother and there are so many other ways that you can do so. So I have shortlisted a few Mother’s Day Gift Ideas in Dubai:

How About A Spa Day?

Pamper your other with a relaxing spa day. A spa gift card that includes massages, facials or a soothing manicure and a pedicure that will surely give her the much-needed alleviation she had been looking for. 

Buy Her Movie Tickets

Book her advance tickets for a movie night out as you pamper her with caramel popcorns and chilled drinks. Make sure to look out for a genre that she would enjoy, preferably a classic – they all love it!

Or better yet have a movie date at home with our Cozy Neftlix-inspired Gift Set.

A Painting Class With A Sipping Experience

Allow your mother to enjoy a creative session with colors as she soothes herself with a glass of red wine. This is a unique activity for her and you both, as you create your masterpiece. 

Buy Her A Concert Ticket

If she is fond of music, then there’s no better way than to give her a concert ticket. Find out if her favorite band is playing soon and make her feel lively again.

Now, aren’t these the most fabulous Mother’s day gift ideas out there?


Get Her A Gift Card For A Workout Class

If your mother is a fitness freak, she would definitely enjoy a good workout session. Sign her up for a fun yet motivational exercise session at a studio and wish her a healthy and fit mother’s day. 

Make A Card

Make your mother feel special on this occasion by expressing your love and emotions through a handmade card by you. Cards are a great way to convey one’s emotions whilst they allow you to be full of creativity. Don’t forget to log on to Pinterest for some inspirational ideas.

We don’t want to sound pushy, we do have cards too!

The Gift of Time

All mothers love the token of appreciation that is brought to them by their children, but the best gift of all that you can give her is your time. Yes, your precious time is all that she needs at the end of the day.

Charm Her With A Special Gift Box 

Custom gift boxes always serve as great charmers. Jot down a few of her favorite things that she has been eyeing on and turn them into a creative gift basket or box.

Maybe a collection of her favorite tea, a mug, and a book to enjoy on a cold evening. Or maybe include goodies like mini facial spa items to make her feel energized and refreshed. 

If you are running short of ideas, rush to our shop are we are offering a wide range of customized gift boxes which will be a perfect treat for your mother. 

Create your Personalized Mother’s Day Gift Box.

So now, that you have a variety of great Mother’s day gift ideas, don’t forget to choose a superb one and surprise her with your love and affection. 

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